Go Ara Profile: Teen Actress To Top Leading Actress

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Actor Profiles

Actor Profiles

Go Ara Profile: Teen Actress To Top Leading Actress

Go ara, go ara profile


Go Ara is one of the top actresses in her twenties.

In 2003, Go Ara won the SM Entertainment Teen Model Contest. She was under an exclusive contract with SM, in 2017 when it ended she joined Artist Company.

She started her acting career pretty young in 2003 and built her career little by little. Her popularity grew significantly most probably because of the drama “Reply 1994” (2013).

The actress starred in drama with popular actors as well as idols. Some of her projects are “You’re All Surrounded” (2014) with Lee SeungGi, “The Magician” with Yoo SeungHo (2015), “Hwarang” (2016) with Park SeoJoon, Park HyungSik, BTSV, SHINee‘s MinHo, etc. She will be starring in the upcoming drama “Miss Hammurabi” with INFINITE’s L.

Here is her profile.


Go Ara Profile go ara, go ara profile

go ara, go ara profile


Go Ara

Birthday: 1990.02.11

Height: 169cm

Weight: 46kg

Family: A younger brother

Specialty: Modeling

Academic Status: Chung-Ang University, B.A. in theater and films department

Debut:  Drama “Sharp 1” (2003)

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2007 – Genghis Khan: To the Ends of the Earth and Sea (Minor Role)

2012 – Papa (Major Role)

2015 – The Magician (Major Role)

2016 – Phantom Detective (Minor Role)



2003 – Sharp 1 (Major Role)

2005 – Sharp 2 (Major Role)

2008 – Who Are You? (Major Role)

2013 – Reply 1994 (Major Role)

2014 – You’re All Surrounded (Major Role)

2016 – Hwarang (Major Role)

2017 – Black (Major Role)

2018 – Ms. Hammurabi (Major Role)


Reply 1994 


You’re All Surrounded


The Magician






Ms. Hammurabi 


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