There have been rumors that the actress that Choi JongHoon and SeungRi were talking about in a chat room suspected of engaging in soliciting prostitutes is South Korean actress Go JoonHee.

Once the rumors began spiraling out of control, netizens began to directly ask the actress on her Instagram account if it was true that she was in fact the actress being talked about in the chat room.

Go JoonHee herself has been personally responding to all the comments by denying the rumors.

Go JoonHee Responds To Rumors Of Her Connections To SeungRi


Go JoonHee Responds To Rumors Of Her Connections To SeungRi


Jung JoonYoung: SeungRi, I think we're going to have to go to a club in Gangnam.

SeungRi: From 8 PM to 4 AM.

Jung JoonYoung: Ok. I just have to tell them to bring the girls by 8PM right?

Choi JongHoon: SeungRi, actress ***** is in New York.

SeungRi: She's in New York again?

Choi JongHoon: All the actresses for some reason are always overseas when they're taking a break.

The reason why the rumor first began was because SeungRi once called Go JoonHee his "secret connection".  Go JoonHee's agency has denied the rumors and have also stated that they will be taking legal action against acts of defamation.

Stay tuned for updates!


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