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JangJun from Golden Childhas definitely caught the attention of many companies as it was revealed that he had recently filmed 3 CFs!

Previously, Kpopmap had wrote a news that JangJun and JiBeom were chosen to be the models for nail press brand 'Dashing Diva'.

Golden Child's JangJun Is On The Rise With Already 3 CFs Filmed

Olive Young

Fans might also have noticed that not long ago through his web reality program "Jang Star", he was also offered the chance to endorse vitamin drink 'Oronamin C'.

You can check out the hilarious video below.

Aside from the vitamin drink, JangJun was advertising for Korean mobile game 'Modoo Marble'!

Thanks to his hilarious and entertaining personality, many fans and users of the game were praising the way he was explaining and sharing his tips on playing the game.

You can also check out the full video above.

It looks like thanks to his energetic and humourous personality, many could not help but fall for JangJun. His charms did not go unnoticed and it seemed like more and more will become curious about this young idol.

Golden Child will be returning with their 4th mini album "Take A Leap" on June 23.

Are you already a fan of JangJun?


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Jun 15, 2020 06:38 pm

غولدين تشايلد ? بحبكنننن مووتتت ياسكره بتتاكل ???????

Jun 15, 2020 01:25 pm

next two big stars of kpop
Choi bomin for his handsomeness and talent
jangjun for his clownesssss
and Golden child is going to be the biggest group in the history

Jun 15, 2020 12:28 pm

Yup that charming personality of his caught me off guard and now I'm a huge fan of him, I'm also starting to love all of GolCha's members especially Hong JooChan ❤❤❤