Golden Child Members Go On Dates With Their Mother

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Golden Child Members Go On Dates With Their Mother

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Usually when K-Pop idols start to get busy, they hardly have time to spend with their friends and even their family members! As such, when fans noticed or found out that their favorite K-Pop idols managed to get some quality time with their family, they are very happy for them.

Looks like several members of Golden Child were able to spend time with their mother!

On April 28th, Golden Child member, TAG, uploaded a photo of him together with his mother on their official Twitter account.

He was praising how beautiful his mother is and promised that he would come back as a proud son!

Apart from him, member DongHyun shared with his fans pictures of him not only with his mother but also his brother!

Also, we could not forget about member BoMin who mentioned that he had spend time with his mother during Lunar New Year earlier this year.

Fans are loving how they are sharing pictures with them and also could not help but also mentioned about how youthful their mothers look! It is amazing to see the close relationship each of the members have with their family members.

Hopefully in the future, they would be able to spend even more time with their family too.


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