Golden Child opened up a special quiz to see which member is your 'Soul Child' in a series of romantic questions.

Woollim Entertainment is gearing up for the long awaited debut of their Woollim Boys - now called Golden Child. Golden Child is an 11 member boy group who are currently in the midst of their reality debut program, called "2017 WoollimPICK". To farther celebrate their upcoming debut, Woollim Entertainment has opened up a special quiz to match make the fans to their soul mate member.

Among the 11 members, each of the boys have a specific difference in personality and taste. Fans will now be able to answer a few questions to see which members they are destined to pair with. The quiz has a series of 5 questions regarding your personal taste, your love life preference, personality, date and confession.

Fans can use their Facebook account or Kakao Talk account to participate in the quiz. Within a matter of days, over 60,000 fans have already paired up with their soul child.


Click here to find out which SOUL CHILD you match with the most!


Golden Child Wants To Be Your Soul Mate In Match Making Quiz

Woollim Entertainment

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Jan 5, 2018 10:53 pm

it's not working for me :/ i don't know what happend