Actress Gong SeungYeon and TWICE’s JungYeon being sisters is well known among K-Pop fans.

TWICE is coming back with their 2nd special album "Summer Nights" with the title track 'Dance The Night Away'.

On July 3rd, Gong SeungYeon uploaded two concept photos of JungYeon on her Instagram. In the caption, she says "Wow, this girl is super pretty, I wish she was my little sibling!".

Fans commented on her post "Super pretty", "All pretty sisters", "You are beautiful too", "They really look alike, both are goddess", etc.

Gong SeungYeon is starring in the drama “Are You Human Too?” with Seo KangJoon.

You can also check TWICE members 2nd special album "Summer Nights" concept photo in two parts, here. You can also check more of their comeback on the official SNS of the group.

What do you think of their sisterhood?


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