Kim GoEun's split from her boyfriend, Shin HaKyun, just hit the news today and netizens suspect a possible relationship with Gong Yoo to be the reason.

Back in August 2016, Kim GoEun had announced that she was dating Shin HaKyun, who is 17 years older. After 9 months of dating, the couple announced their split today. Kim GoEun's label announced, "Kim GoEun has broken up with her boyfriend. They broke up because of their busy schedules during the end of February. They have decided to remain good friends."

Kim GoEun placed her Instagram account as private, but just recently opened up her account again. Netizens noticed that she erased all of her photos with her ex-boyfriend, and the first photo update was of Gong Yoo and her filming the wedding scene for "Goblin". The internet jumped to conclusions that Kim GoEun had split with her boyfriend to start dating her co-star, Gong Yoo.

The actress's representatives also spoke up about the dating rumors by saying, "Dating rumors with Gong Yoo are really untrue. It's just speculation, and based on false information. They had only simply shown chemistry as co-stars. The break up was solely due to busy schedules, and not anyone else."


Gong Yoo and Kim GoEun Dating Rumors Spread as Actress Breaks Up

Kim GoEun's Instagram

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