The series of "Goodbye 2018" is going on! It is time to have a look at Twitter, a hot place for K-Pop and K-Drama fans. On Kpopmap Twitter (if you don't follow us yet, you can by going here), this year there has been plenty of popular tweets.

Here is the list of the hottest of the hottest tweets for each month of this year. The data was retrieved on December 17th based on the amount of exposure of the tweets. Check them out!


1- January

[#HOT_LIST] Confirmed Lineup for #GoldenDiscAwards2018


2- February

[#HOT_LIST] Check out the final '2018 Gaon Popularity Awards' online voting rankings!


3- March

MONSTA X *Interview Time (IM Aegyo Time) ("HSBC WWC 2018 in Singapore" Fancam)


4- April

#METOO Kudos To These Celebrities Supporting The Movement


5- May

3 Years With MONSTA X – From Super Rookies To Global Icon


6- June

Exclusive Photography From The Rose 2018 Paint It Rose Tour In LA


7- July

Nu’est Ren Is A Sweet 'Thai Prince' And Received Warm Welcome


8- August

7 BTS Predictions Made By Suga That Came True


9- September

Exclusive Interview: WJSN For “WJ PLEASE?” & Future Plans


10- October

Exclusive Interview: MONSTA X Talks About “ARE YOU THERE?”, MONBEBE, Future Plans, Exposure, Etc


11- November

Netizens Think LOONA’s HeeJin Is The Next Visual To Look Out For


12- December

7 Korean Actors That Have Great Senses When They Pick Dramas


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