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The temptation to push one of your friends into the water is real, as GOT7 recently revealed on an episode of their ‘GOT7’s Tourlog’.

The JYP Entertainment boy group is currently in Berlin, Germany and they seemed to be having a blast touring and sightseeing around the country. 

While they were on their way back to their hotel, they noticed a few children having fun near a fountain in a park. Knowing GOT7 and how playful they can get, you can already guess what was going through their minds at that moment.

Fortunately for the group’s leader JB, the group members decided not to drench him because he was apparently still recovering from the flu.

So they handled it in a bit more civilized manner. They decided to have rounds of rock, paper, scissors, to decide which one of them would have to end up running straight through the water.

YuGyeom lost and so while one might have expected him to get soaked, he actually made it out alive quite well as he ran through the areas where the water fountain wasn’t pouring as much water on. Very clever of him.


So they upped the wager a bit. This time, instead of the loser, the winner had to use his face to go through the fountain directly.


Jackson won and so had to do the following shown below.

You can check out the full episode below!


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