GOT7 Mark, Signs Up for “Law of the Jungle” in New Zealand

Mark of GOT7 has decided to join the  “Law of the Jungle” team, although he is currently performing his new mini album “FLIGHT LOG: ARRIVAL”.

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GOT7 had a comeback last 13th, with their new album and is being on stages performing. He said that his decision was final, and his friendship with the producer of the program made him decide without hesitation. Fans were delighted to hear the news, for they can see him on stage, as well as on tv, where his personality be shown more. 

He would be joining many diverse girl idols, and a Korean comedian and will be on air this May.

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MV )) GOT7 – Never Ever (Choreography Ver.)

MV )) GOT7 – Never Ever (Choreography Ver.)

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Artist : GOT7 (갓세븐)

Release Date : 2017.03.13

Genre : Dance, R&B / Soul

GOT7 Tells What They Thought of BamBam Before Debut

GOT7 was on KBS FM radio “Cool FM (Park JiYoon’s Gayo Gwangjang)” on 16th of March.

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The Host of the show threw a question “Who did you think would debut the late?” and all the members of GOT7 chose BamBam.

The reason for their answers was because of physical growth of BamBam in the past. “BamBam was really small compare to us. We looked like a college student taking care of an elementary student when we were with him.”

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However, BamBam reacted to his members in a chilled voice saying that he knew he would debut.

On the radio, GOT7 showed special bond they had with each other being both good friends and family to each other.

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