GOT7 Without Jackson In Japan At His Own Request?

GOT7’s Jackson announced that he will stop his group activity in Japan.

On September 5th, JYP Entertainment, which is a management company of GOT7, posted one that started with ‘An important notice on GOT7’s member’ on GOT7’s Japanese official website. According to the post, Jackson is not going to take part in any GOT7’s activities in Japan at all from now. Staffs explained, “Following Jackson’s idea to condition his body and adjust schedules”. 

They said sorry on this situation. Staffs revealed, “Although we repeated talking to Jackson, regretfully we came to this result”. So from now on, only 6 members of GOT7 without Jackson will have activities in Japan. JYP Entertainment announced that all the activities including releasing albums or having concerts go with only 6 members except for very special situation. 

In succession, they added, “GOT7 will aim at the top artist in Japan” and “Keep an eye on GOT7’s Japanese activities”. Meanwhile, some netizens claimed that Jackson seems to trace other Chinese idol members’ trails, who are Kris, LuHan and Lay who left team or are rarely having team activities. The reason why some netizens doubt his intention is he recently released a Chinese solo album. What they are pointing out is Jackson’s arrogant attitude which is not considering GOT7’s other members.


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jackson, got7, got7 jackson, jackson rumor, jackson 2017

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