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Episode 135 of Eric Nam's podcast "Daebak Show" featured GOT7 member and soloist YoungJae in light of his first solo mini-album release "COLORS From Ars". In one particular segment, Eric gives YoungJae a test on the personality types of each member. Eric reads out a trait and YoungJae has to match it with a member.

Through the segment, we get to know a lot more about the different members as well as YoungJae's perception of their personalities. Regardless of whether he gets the right answer or not, he provides explanations for his choice, giving us a glimpse into the people behind the idols. 

YoungJae shared that Mark and JinYoung have similar detail-oriented personalities with JinYoung being the perfect gift giver and Mark being rational and calm even in stressful situations, JAY B is a perfectionist with the ability to focus deeply on something, YuGyeom is comfortable to be around and is kind and on the other hand, BamBam and Jackson often propose that they spend time together, even if it's via a video call. 

To know more about the GOT7 members from YoungJae's perspective, watch the full segment below!

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