Group Gugudan’s member Kim SeJeong revealed that she looked into 20 different management companies before debut.

Kim SeJeong recently participated in the recording of KBS 2TV Quiz Show “1 vs 100”.

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In this recording, when MC mentioned that he heard about this to Kim SeJeong, and she replied “At that moment, I felt that I shouldn’t go for only one company, but have an insurance or fallback companies to turn to. I wrote down how auditions are done in each and every company, what they see as the most important, and prepared for it.”

She continued “I divided songs that I could sing into 4 groups: fast songs, slow songs, pop songs, and general songs. Then, I prepared 30 songs for each genre, with total of 120 songs prepared. It was so that if I was asked whether if I could sing another song, I could come up with one automatically. As a result, I was able to get into the current company on the first go.”

As for the recording, Kim SeJeong battled with the final 5 for the prize money of 50,000,000 won. You can check whether she won the prize money on the broadcast of “1 vs 100” at January 8th 8:55 PM KST on KBS 2TV.

Gugudan’s Kim SeJeong Looked into 20 Different Companies Before Debut


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