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Fans aren't too happy at the moment and are complaining that only one member has more time singing than others.

A pop song or any general mainstream song for that matter is usually around three to four minutes long on average. That means that for K-Pop groups that consist of many members, it's always going to be somewhat of a hassle to make sure all the members have a part.

Gugudan's The Boots line distribution has been subject of controversy recently and if you're wondering why, have a look at the chart below.

Gugudan Members' Time Distribution For Song Lines Generates Controversy

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SeJeong accounts for nearly half of the entire song whereas HyeYeon barely has anything left. Some fans have accused Jelly Fish Entertainment of forcing the other members to act more as backup dancers rather than actual members. Judging by the graph, the distribution does seem rather out of proportion.

Hopefully, Jelly Fish Entertainment has a solution ready for the current problem.


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Feb 8, 2018 06:31 am

Sejeong and Haebin are main vocalists for the group. More so Sejeong than anyone else, so it makes sense she would get all of the lines anyway. The other girls are weaker singers besides Nayoung (who's deep voice doesn't suit all songs) and Soyee.

Feb 12, 2018 02:11 am
Reply to  EXID

They're all capable to a certain extent. They can all sing most of the song so they could give the difficult parts to the main vocalists and try to add parts so weaker singers can sin too. As much as I love Sejeong and none of this is her fault she's getting way to much singing time.