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Gugudan's SeJeong is actively showing of different images of her!

On Mar. 17, SeJeong had released her 1st mini album "Plant". The title track of the album is also 'Plant' and had received positive response from music lovers and fans. It had reached the top on Bugs Music, 2nd on Genie Music and 4th on Soribada Music.

'Plant' is a soothing and lyrical track which expresses the emotional sides of SeJeong. If you have yet to take a look at the music video, you can do so below.

Aside from that, "Plant" is also a rather special mini album for SeJeong because it was revealed that she had participated in the lyrics composition as well as the production of the rest of the tracks.

Solo artist, ChungHa, had also showed her support for SeJeong by promoting her new mini album on her official social media accounts. As both of them had debuted as members of I.O.I, many also loved the fact that they are still keeping in close contact with one another.

Recently, SeJeong has been appearing on various entertainment programs, showing off her humorous and potential in becoming an all-rounder entertainer. Previously on Mar. 14, she had also appeared on KBS "Immortal Song" and wowed the viewers with her clear and pure voice during her performance.

SeJeong will be beginning her promotion with 'Plant', starting with MBC M "Show Champion" on Mar. 18.

Are you also in love with SeJeong's mini album?


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