Halsey’s Response To What Gift She Would Like Most From BTS



Halsey’s Response To What Gift She Would Like Most From BTS

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It’s no secret that two of the world’s most popular artists BTS and Halsey are BFF‘s. Their chemistry together has just been a joy to watch and ‘Boy with Luv’ was just simply sublime.

ENTERCOM recently released a footage of an interview with BTS and Halsey, where the former asks the latter what gift she would like to receive from them.

Halsey responded while adding humor saying that BTS were clearly cheating by putting her on the spot and directly asking what she would like from them.

Here’s what she said, and it’s really going to make you have the feels.

“I can’t think of any gift that I would really want from them. I think maybe just them always being so understanding and patient and calm and cool whenever we’re doing stuff and I’m learning something for the first time.”

“I think [that’s] ultimately the best gift they have given me and continue to give me so far.”

“You put someone in front of a stage who’s used to being in the middle the whole time and then you put them in a choreography formation with seven boys and it’s like, I been messing up a lot. So, I’m glad that they’ve been so patient with me, and it’s made it really fun.”

You can check out the clip below!


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