Korean Celebs’ Ideal Types Compilation: Han JiMin

Han JiMin is one of the most beloved Korean actresses. The reason why she is loved so dearly and so widely is that she is, despite the shyest and loveliest look she got, she is playful and warm like children. 

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It’s difficult to be pure and innocent as a child when we grow up. We tend to think more of our profits rather than sharing, we tend to be more careful to not hurt our reputation rather than being relaxed and playing it cool. Actress Han JiMin is one of the special adults who is pure and innocent as a child. Her beauty doesn’t even count so much to fans. The two best traits of her are the warm heart that helps people and not thinking much of herself and playful attitude around her beloved people makes her an attractive person. 

What kind of person would such good-natured angelic person fall for? One way to find out~

Han JiMin‘s Ideal Type Compilation

Han JiMin: I take my time to get to know a person so I need to spend much time with somebody to open up. I tend to look for someone who can wait patiently for me. Age doesn’t matter to me but whether I can get along with the person well matters. I love drinking so I don’t really fall for guys who can’t drink. Also, I like sweet guys who are kind. 

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Korean Celebs’ Ideal Types Compilation: Kim JiWon

From “The Heirs” to “Descendants of the Sun”, now in “Fight For My Way”, actress Kim JiWon has been changing her color like chameleon, perfectly acting out the roles given to her.

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She has worked with numerous actors, including some of the hottest ones. Her romantic partnerships in the dramas really made us crave for romance in our lives and her looks made us to search for beauty tips and styles.  But among things that we’d like to catch up with her, we are curious of whether she didn’t feel anything romantic during drama shooting. Since all her scenes and relationships were so sweet and heart melting, there seems to be a good chance that she and her partner would fall in love for real! 

Before we dig any information on that, let’s first check what type of men JiWon is interested in!


Kim JiWon‘s  Ideal Compilation

Kim JiWon: When I was shooting “The Heirs”, I thought I was fond of bad guys like YoungDo, who is some how sweet to his lady. I wanted someone who can accept the faults I have and let me be and be a bad boy to other girls. But when I was shooting “The Descendants of the Sun”, I found being loved by a man so deeply can be an amusing. After than, I think I prefer sweet gentle guys over bad boys.

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The Star

She was once in a love scandal with Yoo YeonSuk, who was in a movie together. Though both entertainments denied and stated that they are just close colleagues, they sort of look cute together. 

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Newly Changed Ideal Type 2017: EXO’s BaekHyun & SeHun

EXO‘s BaekHyun and SeHun confessed the truth of their ideal type recently.

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Why fans check out vias’ or favorite idols’ ideal type is to know their taste and maybe, to change their styles into ones closer to mentioned ideal types, right? K-Idols often get asked about which aspect of their ideal partner they look for the most. Some idols’ answers are specific, but sometimes they’re ambiguous. As well as describing the characteristics of their ideal types, Idols often name celebrities who best matches their type. EXO’s fans who tried to fit themselves with ideal types mentioned by BaekHyun make him surprised in many ways. Recently, he talked about his newly thinking on this situation. Doing so, he confessed why he described his ideal types in that way. You can check out them, below.


1. BackHyun  – “I described the ideal female who fits yellow t-shirt and blue jeans well. Why I said that is only because of strong demand from a media to interview my ideal type. They asked for more specific one, so I explained that way. That was the time between spring and summer, so I preferred yellow short sleeve. And then after, I found that almost everyone waiting in line for me were wearing yellow t-shirts and blue jeans. Please, you guys, don’t stick too much only to ‘Yellow’ t-shirt. I just like cute girls. That’s the simple reason for yellow t-shirt.”


2. SeHun – “I use to put on slippers. Other members often make fun of me for that, but I don’t care about it. Just like BaekHyun made a new fashion trend, I mean that yellow t-shirt, let’s say my newly changed ideal type is female who put on slipper. I won’t care about clothing. Yes, I care. Uhm, putting on slippers look so sloppy, so you need to pay careful attention on clothing, such as t-shirt, pants, and other things.”



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