Han SeoHee Plans to Open an Online Shop Selling Feminist Goods

Han Seo Hee Instagram

An ex-drug mate of TOP, Han SeoHee plans to open an online shopping mall selling Feminis goods.

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Han Seo Hee Instagram

Han SeoHee, a trainee girl preparing for idol debut, has been a hot potato lately, starting from doing drugs with TOP of BIG BANG to fighting with her anti-fans through her social media about being a feminist. Though the public opinion on her seems to be overall, negative, there are people who support her. Those who support her, claim themselves to be “feminist” fighting for women’s rights and think Han SeoHee’s way of expression is justified and logical.

Han SeoHee was involved in another controversy recently with actor Yoo AhIn. The two has been fighting on SNS publicly, about which feminism is the right one. Fans of Yoo AhIn were disappointed by this incident for he did not react wisely but used feminism as his way of boasting. Along with the controversy with the famous actor, Han SeoHee dropped another bomb for herself. 

She posted on her SNS, asking to support her financially on opening an online shopping mall selling “feminist goods.” However, it turned out that it was against the law to be sponsored or get financial aid while being on trial. Soon, she apologized for her abrupt actions and told people to send them their account number so that she can send back their money. The misuse of feminism has been arising issue along with the incident Han SeoHee has been making. 

She is currently known to be preparing for debut as an idol but nothing official is said. 

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