Han SeoHee Ridiculed On Audition Program, Not Because Of Singing But Something Else

Han SeoHee, Han SeoHee Profile, Han SeoHee Audition

In the midst of her legal troubles that involve actor Kang HyukMin, Han SeoHee‘s past audition footages are being put back into the spotlight in South Korea.

For those that may not be aware, she has actually made appearances in ‘Star Audition: The Great Birth‘ before her recent scandals. The audition program stopped airing and came to an end in 2013. 

Han SeoHee, Han SeoHee Profile, Han SeoHee Audition


K-Pop producer Brave Brothers happened to be one of the judges for the audition. After listening to her sing, he said, “It was unfortunate that your face didn’t allow the true emotion of the song to be delivered.

Brave Brothers, Brave Brothers Profile


Additionally, another judge at the time Kim TaeWon added, “We were hoping that your voice would sit nicely on the music. Unfortunately, it seemed like your voice was being dragged by the music instead of blending well with it.


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