After officially leaving SECRET and TS Entertainment, Han SunHwa has chosen HuayiBrothers Entertainment as her new home.

On the 14th, a source reported that Han SunHwa is nearing the final stages of discussing an exclusive contract with the HuayiBrothers Entertainment. Although nothing has been signed or stamped, close sources say that the former idol has her hearts set for the label.

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In 2009, SunHwa debuted under TS Entertainment as a member of SECRET, and her contract with the former label officially ended around October 13th. HuayiBrothers is currently home to some of the biggest names in the acting industry, such as Kim YoonSeok, Joo Won, Yoo HaeJin, Lee SiYoung and more.

Han SunHwa to Choose HuayiBrothers Entertainment After Leaving SECRET

OBS News

Ever since deciding to leave the idol world, SunHwa has fully expressed her desire to focus on her career as an actress. The remaining three members of SECRET will continue under TS Entertainment and promote as a trio.

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