ASTRO's Cha EunWoo showcased an Alpha-Go charm appeal during the recent recording of KBS 2's "Happy Together".

Cha EunWoo was featured on the recent episode of "Happy Together 3" special for 'Fact Thugs'. The idols specially prepared a detailed "Learn by Heart Note", earning him praise for his diligent and organized personality.

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Inside EunWoo's note, the MCs were able to find carefully detailed notes about each featured guests. Having his secret notes full of unfiltered information and profiles discovered by his seniors, Cha EunWoo shyly smiled as he nervously fidgeted.

It was also revealed that Cha EunWoo was the top 3rd student in all of his school and was even the student body president. The MCs deemed the idol as the next top star following Park BoGum and Lee SeungGi, all of whom were also smart, kind, talented, and handsome.

"Happy Together 3" Casts Are Absolutely Mesmerized by ASTRO's Cha EunWoo


During the filming, the women MCs, guests and staff couldn't help but be mesmerized by his ethereal-like good looks. The ladies couldn't take their eyes off of the idol as they complimented his looks as "prettier than a girl", and jokingly nicknamed him the "Face Genius".

Cha EunWoo's name rose to the top on various search portals after his amusing and mesmerizing appearance on the show. Throughout the show, the idol showed off his wit, his awkward dancing, his Alpha-Go personality, and just the perfection that he is.

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