Have Hope f(x) Fans Because They’ve Just Been Included In SMTOWN Live’s Lineup!

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Have Hope f(x) Fans Because They’ve Just Been Included In SMTOWN Live’s Lineup!



We understand how frustrated f(x) fans probably are, as they have been left out for several years by SM Entertainment without a clear explanation as to why they haven’t been active for years.

Some netizens have been so fed up with f(x)’s long hiatus so much that they suggested that the group might as well just disband. It’s definitely one unpopular K-Pop opinion among many. After all, they’ve had some amazing smash singles in the past and just suddenly fell off the map, it’s no wonder that fans would be outraged.

But there’s still hope!

The poster for SMTOWN Live 2019 showed a photo of all four members, which fans have been interpreting as a sign that the girls may be having a reunion and performing as well.

Of course, this is just the interpretation of fans’ and has not been confirmed by SM Entertainment. But hey, they’re also included in the performing lineup, so there’s actually a good chance that fans will be able to see all four members together again this time.

sm town live 2019

SM Entertainment

Below are some of the reactions from fans.


We seriously hope SM didn’t make the mistake of including f(x) in the lineup when only certain members would be appearing in the actual concert, as it would potentially aggravate fans even more if such turns out to be the case.

What do you think? Will f(x) finally be having their long-awaited reunion?


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Luna ,Amber and Krystal !!??


amber and luna only, nothing new


Sm is just so crap. They left them in the back burner for so damn long that it feels like f(x) is from 1st generation kpop.

Mei Lei
Mei Lei