K-pop idols fill a vacancy of entertainer Jung Hyung Don till his come back.

“Weekly Idol" will be having new MC from idol groups on behalf of Jung Hyung Don who recently leaves off all his broadcasting activities due to severe health problem known as anxiety disorder." MBC Everyone Weekly Idol said on 23th, Nov. The producer added, “As Weekly Idol is the program ‘of the Idol, by the Idol, for the Idol’, idol members would like to embrace the vacancy of Jung Hyung Don indeed until he come back. We look forward to seeing him again in the near future and will do our best not to disappoint the audience”.

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Heechul And Sunggyu To Fill A Vacancy Of Jung Hyung Don

Weekly Idol started from 2011 presented by Jung and Defconn, so his absence is a huge shocking for this program’s status. INFINITE Sunggyu was appointed as the first runner of MC relays. Sunggyu has showed pretty impressive chemistry with Jung appearing 10 times on Weekly Idol. Super Junior Kim Heechul also chose to present a show for the Christmas special early in Dec. You can meet idol MCs on Weekly Idol from 2nd Dec., every Wed, 6 p.m.

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