HELLOVENUS's happy virus, Lime, has been named the latest fashionista idol with the sickest fashion goals.

On a Korean online community, photos of Lime's daily fashion had caught the attention of many fashion-forward netizens. In the photos, Lime's impressive body line was highlighted by her easy going fashion styles. Using plaid shirts, slacks, jeans, knit and more, the idol created her own style goals through casual layering and color points. 

 Lime's style was well known among the K-Pop fashion industry, as she was given a love call by the famous designers of '2017 S/S Hera Seoul Fashion Week". She's also posted many of her OOTD posts through Instagram, where netizens praised her for her posts looking like magazine photo shoots. 

Netizens commented, "Lime's fashion sense is incredible", "Her proportions are good", "I like it because it's easy to follow" and more.


HELLOVENUS's Lime Named the Latest Fashionista Idol

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