What a warm-hearted boy, Henry! He again showed his sincerity through dating with his fan.

Dingo has made lots of Youtube videos, series of 'What if you do 'something' with your favorite idol?'. Among those series where lots of idols and celebrities had appeared, this episode where Henry appeared is getting tremendous attentions from many netizens. Similar with every episode of these series of Dingo, Henry surprised her fan girl without any promise or noticing before. The fan girl majors in metal craft in university. The reason why this episode got famous is, different from any other episode of Dingo, Henry treated his fan girl with his sincere affection and those scenes made netizens moved and being comforted. 

In this episode, Henry comforted his fan girl, who was devastated and frustrated due to her lack of confidence on her major, metal crafting, despite of her tremendous endeavors. Henry said "It's enough for you to satisfy only one with your work. And I'm fully satisfied with a ring you created. So that's enough. You're already awesome." In addition, even after this shooting, Henry met the fan girl to have a dinner with her. Not just fronting, Henry shows his sincerity to the end. 

Henry has been loved by fans and audiences so far through many TV reality programs. Every single hit in those program in which he appeared are based on his true sincerity, humorous personality, innocent spirit, and also struggling behind his amazing ability. 

Let's check it out how sweet he was in this episode!


Dingo Henry episode on Youtube

Henry Surprised His Fan Girl And Has A Sweetest Date Ever


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