Variety star on the rise, Heo YoungJi was chosen as the special MC for "The Show".

On the upcoming episode of SBS MTV's "The Show", YoungJi will be co-hosting along side Homme's ChangMin and LeeHyun. The idol has been a star on the rise with her various appearances in music, drama, variety shows, and now an MC.

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From her role in tvN's "Again, Oh HaeYoung", YoungJi gained much love and attention for adorable portrayal of her character. Through the drama's momentum, she also appeared on various talk shows such as "Happy Together 3" and "Knowing Bros", where she farther received love for her bright energy.

Heo YoungJi to Special MC for "The Show" Chuseok Edition

DSP Media

Heo YoungJi fans will be glad to hear that the idol will be appearing on multiple Chuseok specials as well. YoungJi is scheduled to appear on MBC's Chuseok ISAC, MBC's "My Little Television", "King of Masked Singer" and much more for the Chuseok weekend.

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