In succession with the first member, SoRi, the second member of Real Girls Project gets unveiled.

Real Girls Project's management, IMX company posted the second member, Yukika, who is a Japanese trainee in public on their official SNS channel. Yukikia debuted as a model of famous magazine 'nicola' in Japan when she was studying in the secondary school. Actually, Yukika won the contest of nicola magazine and got into show business. Yukika has appeared as a model in lots of CFs and TV programs, also she met her fans as a dubbing actor in the games or animes. 

Especially, Yukikia is showing off her unique and lovely character in the drama “IDOLM@STER”, who is a little bit sharp-tongued but always with smile. Staffs of IMX revealed, "Yukika is willing to be acknowledged as a good K-Pop idol through this opportunity." and "Please keep eyes on her who got the iron hands in the velvet gloves."


Here's The Unveiled Second Member Of Real Girls Project


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