Here’s Everything SunMi Wears At Her “Gashina” Performance

Anyone digging SunMi‘s stage looks everytime she comes up with new stunning dresses?

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SunMi fits whatever she wears on the stage. Of course, she looks cool regardless of where she is, I mean, her clothes in her daily life are all the coolest and perfect for herself. However, on the stage the star needs to look more bold and charismatic enough to catch people’s attention. And that’s why SunMi’s clothing and styles get bolder and nicer on the stage. 

SunMi is known to be dressed up by a stylist team, which is “LONDON PRIDE”. Many netizens are highly praising them for their perfect choices on SunMi’s stage looks. Even though we all know SunMi can look stunning with whatever she puts on, but sometimes special looks make her even more shining.

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Kpopmap searched everything you wanted from SunMi’s Gashina stage looks. Let’s take a look what they are!


1. in “Gashina” M/V


sunmi, gashina, sunmi dress, sunmi gashina dress, sunmi gashina mv, sunmi styles,

Make Us Entertainment, GUCCI


2. in “Gashina” M/V

Jeremy Scott

sunmi, gashina, sunmi dress, sunmi gashina dress, sunmi gashina mv, sunmi styles,

Make Us Entertainment, Jeremy Scott


3. M Count Down August 24th, 2017


sunmi, gashina, sunmi dress, sunmi gashina dress, sunmi gashina mv, sunmi styles,

Mnet, Balenciaga


4. Show Champion August 30th, 2017

Saint Laurent

sunmi, gashina, sunmi dress, sunmi gashina dress, sunmi gashina mv, sunmi styles,

MBC, Saint Laurent


5. COSMOPOLITAN Korea September


sunmi, gashina, sunmi dress, sunmi gashina dress, sunmi gashina mv, sunmi styles,



6. On the way to Music Bank August 25th, 2017

Alexander Wang

sunmi, gashina, sunmi dress, sunmi gashina dress, sunmi gashina mv, sunmi styles,

ZENITH News, Alexander Wang


Over all, the main concept for SunMi’s Gashina performance seems like the harmony between simple and fancy. Different from what we feel about the item solely in the collection, which is pretty immoderate, however, SunMi makes them look more harmonious and fit to her styles very easily, which shows her skills as a fashionista. 

SunMi Opens Up On Life After JYP Entertainment

Former member of ‘Wondergirls‘, SunMi has made quite a spectacular entrance back to the K-Pop scene with her debut single ‘Gashina’.

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After leaving JYP Entertainment and signing with MakeUs Entertainment, she seems to be doing well in making a name for herself as a solo artist. This is evident as her single ‘Gashina’ has reached #3 on the World Digital Song Sales, making it the best selling K-Pop record in the United States. We’ve seen idols leave their associated groups and go solo before, but besides an exceptional few such as G-Dragon, Taeyang, or Jay Park, none have seemed to be able to consistently stay relevant in the mainstream music market in the long run. Now that she has come back into the picture with a bang and gained momentum, it’s only logical to wonder what is next for the chic K-Pop sex symbol. 

SunMi Gashina, SunMi K-Pop, SunMi Wondergirls, SunMi Make Us Entertainment

‘Gashina’ MV

When asked about her departure from JYP Entertainment, she stated  “Make Us Entertainment’s open minded artist system was something I felt that I needed as an artist. JYP Entertainment has an extremely systematic artist system and the vibe is much different.  Of course, that doesn’t mean I can do whatever I want without having to ask anyone at Make Us Entertainment. There are meetings and discussions before any decision is finalized.” She has also said that comparing the two entertainment companies is similar to comparing a mother to a father. Her departure from her former parent company doesn’t seem to in any way affect their current relationship status at the moment.  Additionally, she continues to keep in touch with a few prominent figures in JYP Entertainment including JYP the man himself, and other former members of Wondergirls. It has also been reported that JYP is planning to invite the ‘Gashina’ singer to an episode of his TV show ‘Party People’. It’s good to know that the relationship between them hasn’t turned sour at all yet, like the way it did with bad boy ‘Mommae’ singer Jay Park. 

SunMi during her time as a member of Wondergirls

SunMi Wondergirls, JYP Wondergirls, Wondergirls K-Pop

Star Daily News

She revealed on “LieV” that after staying under the radar for nearly three and a half years, it was difficult for her to simply just jump back into the music scene. She went on to say that she had to challenge herself and plan thoughtfully in terms of the direction in which she wanted to steer towards for her artistry. The beat for ‘Gashina’, especially the intro, inspired her the moment she heard it and she stated the recording process was smooth and natural. She is currently planning to do everything she has always wanted to try musically and do things differently than when she was in Wondergirls. 

W Korea

It is no doubt difficult for any music artist or idol to leave their safety zone and challenge themselves to do something different, especially alone. But from what we have heard so far, it is highly likely that she is preparing a follow-up single after ‘Gashina’, and it only makes sense to keep going after a momentum has been created. 


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SunMi Performs Intimidating Stage with Reversed Gender Dancer

Every couple performances in K-Pop stage seems to be done with a different gender. When the artist is a woman, the dancer is a man. If the artist is a man, the dancer is a woman. This custom was never broken especially stages where performances are intimate or sexual.  

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SunMi had her last stage of ‘Gashina’ in SBS Inkigayo. ‘Gashina’ made such a huge hit both outside and inside Korea. SunMi’s reputation as a solo artist has become quite firm due to this comeback. She was able to pull off the concept of ‘Gashina’ so perfectly, no one could be ever thought of to replace her. Her stages were stimulating and caught people’s attention, even those who weren’t a fan of her.

Every stage, she made a new record of people admiring her. However, it was the last stage that truly made an impact. She has performed with a male partner through the stages of this comeback, until the last stage. Her partner was a lady this time.

GIF SunMi, SunMi Gashina, SunMi Gashina Stage, SunMi Last Stage, SunMi Comeback, Gashina

The change of gender in her dancing partner made her bolder. She did her physically intimate actions more widely and sexually. Her moves with her partner were so realistic since the space between the two were gone (unlike when she was dancing with a male partner). Fans picked this stage as the legendary stage of SunMi. 

GIF SunMi, SunMi Gashina, SunMi Gashina Stage, SunMi Last Stage, SunMi Comeback, Gashina


A lot of people say, “Even though I am straight, I almost fell for her in a sexual way’ after they have watched the stage. It’s pretty hard not to feel that way when an intimidating woman as SunMi come so close.


GIF SunMi, SunMi Gashina, SunMi Gashina Stage, SunMi Last Stage, SunMi Comeback, Gashina

Must Read : SunMi Profile: From Wonder Girls to Solo Artist

SunMi Profile: From Wonder Girls to Solo Artist

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    Introducing MakeUs Entertainment’s Hot Sexy Bae SunMi.

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    SunMi is best known as a former member of Wonder Girls. The girl group eventually disbanded on January 26th, 2017 and she parted ways with JYP Entertainment and signed with MakeUs Entertainment as a solo artist in the month of February of 2017. Her most up to date single is ‘Gashina’ which ranked at #16 on the Gaon Album Chart and #1 on the Gaon Digital Chart. At one point in her career with Wonder Girls, she postponed her role as a member in order to pursue her academic career. While it was assumed that she would be returning to Wonder Girls, JYP Entertainment revealed to the public on January 13th, 2012 that she was to debut as a solo artist instead. During her early days as a solo JYP Entertainment artist, she released two notable singles ’24 Hours’ and ‘Full Moon’. While the former achieved an all-kill status on music charts in South Korea, the latter did almost just as well as it peaked at #2 on the Gaon Digital Chart and #3 on Billboard’s K-Pop Hot 100.


    SunMi Profile

    MakeUs Entertainment 2017, K-Pop MakeUs Entertainment 2017

    MakeUs Entertainment Official Facebook

    SunMi 2017, SunMi Dispatch 2017, SunMi K-Pop, SunMi Gashina 2017


    Name: SunMi, Lee

    Birthdate: May 2nd, 1992

    Zodiac Sign: Taurus

    Nationality: South Korea

    Height: 166 cm (5’4″)

    Weight: 43 kg

    Blood Type: AB

    Associated Labels: JYP Entertainment (2006 – 2017)

                                                                                MakeUs Entertainment (2017 – Present)

    Awards: 15th Mnet Asian Music Awards – ‘Best Female Artist’ Nominee(2013) 

                                                 16th Mnet Asian Music Awards – ‘Best Female Artist’ Nominee (2014)

                                                 4th SBS MTV Best of the Best –  ‘Best Female Solo’ Winner (2014)

    Education: Dongguk University (Musical Theater BA)

    Additional Info: Can play the bass guitar, favorite color is purple, is a fan of American hip-hop R&B artist ‘Drake’


    Official Twitter & Official Facebook & Official YouTube & Official Instagram

    ‘Gashina’ MV

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