Here’s The Biggest Difference Between BTS & TXT According Bang SiHyuk

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Here’s The Biggest Difference Between BTS & TXT According Bang SiHyuk

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While Big Hit Entertainment boy groups BTS and TXT are both unique and have their individual charms and charisma as groups, what really sets the two group apart?

Producer Bang SiHyuk, the creator of both groups recently sat down for an interview with Variety magazine and gave us his insight.

According to Bang SiHyuk on Variety’s interview, he stated:

“I think the biggest difference is that BTS truly started from the bottom. People may think that TXT got really lucky and have an easy path, but they have the burden of meeting expectations that have been set. Rookies have a chance to grow and shine when they are still rookies, but TXT started on a higher level so it’s harder to showcase growth.”

True, many people would be inclined to think that TXT have it easy as they might assume that BTS paved the way for them in advance and have the help of ARMY as well.


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But that’s also not necessarily true. As much as ARMY does support TXT, ARMY are BTS’s fandom and TXT have their’s, MOA. And because the bar has been set higher for TXT, one cannot automatically assume that TXT are merely just riding on the success of BTS. No, in fact, they actually have it more difficult in a sense because they now have expectations to be either just as great as BTS or perhaps better in the future.


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