The K-Pop community has recently been quite shocked to hear accusations thrown against GOT7 member YoungJaeas someone has claimed he had physically assaulted a disabled person back in his school days.

So the accusation was first brought up on October 20th through an online community.

The person accusing YoungJae claims that this event took place when they were attending the Mokpo Technical High School together. Additional claims stated that YoungJae took money and valuables, while also assaulting the person for no particular reason.

Many fans may be wondering by now which part of the accusations are facts and which are not.

JYP Entertainment recently launched their own investigation in order to dig towards the truth. Upon looking into the matter, the agency has confirmed that a physical altercation indeed took place between the accuser and YoungJae before in the past. This has been confirmed upon speaking with YoungJae himself.

In addition, the agency has noted that the two were not able to reconcile as well.

So a physical altercation has taken place before in the past, but JYP has also stated that the rest of the information are false.

Furthermore, the accuser stated that he sent an e-mail to JYP Entertainment about this particular issue, but JYP Entertainment has responded by saying they received no such e-mail before.

Stay tuned for updates.

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