What do gorgeous girls like MOMOLAND member Nancy carry around in their bags?

Here’s What MOMOLAND Nancy Carries In Her Bag


The star recently had to go through quite an unfortunate situation involving deep fake photos and being secretly filmed.

MLD Entertainment has released an official statement in response, stating that they will be taking severe legal action against the ones responsible.

Any how, on to the subject at hand.

The first thing that Nancy introduces inside her bag is...

Her wallet! In Louis Vuitton's classic monogram.


Next up is...

Her pocket wifi, which looks like an adorable phone.


Next up...

Her hairband! These things are always handy and are usually a must-carry right?


Next up...

Carrying around jewelry sometimes might be useful. Nancy carries these rings around.

To see what else she carries in her bag, you can check out the video below!

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