AfreecaTV live streamer BoGyum, who has been under heavy criticism from netizens for dating violence, has been making headlines recently not just because of his questionable actions but also because of rumors that Highlight member DooJoon was a fan of him.

DooJoon recently posted through his social media account an explanation to the misunderstanding that took place. He assured fans that he was not a fan of the controversial live streamer and that he has never subscribed to the live streamer's channel. BoGyum himself has clarified that DooJoon has never subscribed to his channel.

But what's interesting is how DooJoon found himself in this unfortunate situation. It turns out that Teen Top member Niel once talked with the live streamer and mentioned DooJoon during their conversation. Niel has released a statement of apology saying that he was "sorry for all the damages he caused to DooJoon".


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