Have you ever had one of those moments when you were at a restaurant, picked out your menu, but just seemed to be unheard and unnoticed by the owners or the waiters?

You wave your hand frantically, or maybe even perhaps muster up the courage to belt out your voice to get their attention.

We've all had these moments before at some point right?


It seems that this restaurant owner hilariously responded only to Monsta X's JooHoney

Here we have HyungWon ringing the bell.

But no one comes...

However...JooHoney belts out his loud voice, and she instantly appears.

And they order some grilled oysters.


HyungWon realizes he doesn't have a cup. He calls for the owner once again, except, he goes completely unheard.

JooHoney then asks:

"Should I get her for you?"

He then belts out again for the owner.

And he ends up getting her attention, asking her for a cup for HyungWon.

"How come when you call her she doesn't say anything..."

Fans have been laughing over how JooHoney can have an extremely loud voice if he wanted to. JooHoney explained to the boys that they were doing it all wrong, and that they had to really put in more effort to get the owner's attention.

You can watch the hilarious scenario in the video below.

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