Idol Drama Operation Team

In the 8th episode of "Idol Drama Operation Team", all members talked about their difficulties in life, and  what SeulGi talked about caught the attention of fans.

Honest Talk of SeulGi of Red Velvet in "Idol Operation Team"

Idol Drama Operation Team

As fans of Red Velvet all know, SeulGi is a type of person who is shy around the crowd and people who she isn't so close to. She is someone who opens up slowly. (Aside from dancing, most of her movements, as well, are a second behind everyone LOL) Her concerns were "Having difficulty to talk to other people", which meaning, she feels awkward to talk to people who isn't familiar with. 

This type of personality may face difficulties, especially in this field, where she always meets new people in TV programs or in stages.

Moon Byul of Mamamoo, also talked about having a problem in dealing people because of her sensitive attitude. "I want myself to be more like a rounded person. I've hurt people's feelings because of my sharp attitude." 

Aside from talking about their worries and concerns, they were taught to act in this episode by Jang WonYoung, a Korean actor. They played games which made them a step closer to one another.

More episodes full of dramas and variety are coming up so stay put! 

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