Hong SooHyun Responds To Boyfriend Microdot Parent’s #DebtToo Scandal

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Hong SooHyun Responds To Boyfriend Microdot Parent’s #DebtToo Scandal

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On December 6th, actress Hong SooHyun talked about her boyfriend Microdot‘s parent’s recent #DebtToo scandal during a press conference for tvN’s ‘Seoul Mate 2’.

hong soohyun

My Daily

When asked about it, the actress replied saying

“Because this conference’s purpose to promote Seoul Mate 2, I ask that we stick to what is relevant. I have been concerned that I might cause inconveniences for the program. I currently do no have anything to say about it.”

But with the scandal still unresolved, it’s no wonder that the media is looking to the actress to dig further into the matter as she is the girlfriend of the rapper.

The producer of ‘Seoul Mate 2’ also added that while the issue was talked about with the actress, it wasn’t necessary for discussion during the press conference as it had no relevance to the program. He also added that there was no reason for the show to be delayed because of the recent event.


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