Hottest US Producers Who You Probably Didn’t Know Produced For K-Pop

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Hottest US Producers Who You Probably Didn’t Know Produced For K-Pop

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The music that you just love jamming out to often times has a lot of work put in to it.

It’s not just a simple matter putting together a bunch of sounds and chords together and adding melody to it, while we are so often inclined to believe that such is the case with popular music.

It’s a matter of getting the right people who know what they are doing to come up with the best possible results sonically for performing artists.

So why does a lot of music actually sound easy to make you might ask. For starters, It’s because simplicity is one of the best ways to achieve something that is relatable to a majority of the audience. But there is a lot of intricate complexity that makes up the simplicity as well. Think of it as an iPhone. At just a glance, it’s a rectangular device with a few buttons on them. But how much money and thought did Apple put in to designing the iPhone?

There are many well known US based producers who are the best at what they do, which is producing pop records. And K-Pop has had the fortunate moments to work with some of them in the past.

You can check them out below!



Always setting trends and coming up with the most unique sounds, Diplo is one of the most sought-after producers in the world. He has the magical ability to turn what would usually be considered “weird” in to something “cool” in an instant. Former 2NE1 member CL’s ‘Doctor Pepper’ is one K-Pop song that Diplo has worked his magic on.



Who knew that for a producer who created extremely aggressive music with such distinct artistic character would want to get in to K-Pop? Skrillex has often stated that he appreciates all kinds of music and it definitely shows that he can do anything. He has worked with G-Dragon and CL in the past for ‘Dirty Vibe’ and also with 4Minute for ‘Hate’.


G.O.O.D Music

The production team under US rapper Kanye West have also produced for K-Pop as well. Lee Hi, Oh Hyuk Epik High and DOK2 are some of the artists that they have worked with.


The Stereotypes

The four-man production powerhouse is known to have worked with BoA, Super Junior, and TaeMin.


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