The debate about BTS being exempt from South Korea's mandatory military service has been one that has ended up becoming quite messy as many have questioned how it even began in the first place.

Politician Ha TaeKyung's argument that K-Pop idols deserve a chance to be exempt from service like classical musicians was pretty much what sparked the whole thing when he referenced BTS as an example of a popular music artist with outstanding achievements.

While the debate has even caused some people to file a petition to the government demanding the disbandment of the group, for God knows what reason, it is important to remember one important and crucial fact. And that is, BTS never made such request and nor did their fandom ARMY. In a sense, they were unfairly dragged into the world of politics and took blame for something they didn't do.

And additionally, no one stopped to ask how they felt about it.

But to answer that, the nation's Ministry of Culture, Sports, and Tourism revealed that all the members of BTS are "highly sensitive" about the subject, while also expressing their intent on fulfilling the mandatory military service like all able-bodied male citizens of South Korea.

How this whole debate will end and affect the global superstars is yet to be determined. At this point, government officials have been reported to be in talks of completely abolishing laws that allow exemption for anyone.


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