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The fashion icon of K-Pop and BIGBANG member G-Dragon has been active once again after finishing his mandatory military service not too long ago, and he's been quite busy lately.

From attending fashion shows in Europe to being active on social media to update fans, it's great to have him back in the scene once again.

However, his recent Instagram posts have been causing a few netizens to be discomforted.

Netizens at the moment believe that G-Dragon's recent posts contained imageries that references drugs such as LSD. While this hasn't been confirmed, netizens have naturally been bringing up his past suspicions involving drug usage.

How Do Netizens Feel About G-Dragon’s Latest Instagram Posts?




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But of course, there have been a ton of VIP's who have been telling him how much they love him and also to stay safe as the Coronavirus panic continues to grip South Korea.

What do you think about the imagery?

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