Yeah that's right, Kanye West started following EXO member BaekHyun on Twitter, in case you haven't heard the news.

The former, who is well known as a rapper, artist, and fashion designer who is usually very outspoken, is someone you probably wouldn't have expected to have any connection with the K-Pop world.

Which is why BaekHyun himself has found it quite an honor and a surprise that Ye would be following him on Twitter.

BaekHyun spoke about this during a recent Instagram live session, saying

"I was extremely surprised. I love Yeezys. I have no idea why he started following me. I don't think he'd even know who I am."

While BaekHyun is also known for only following official EXO members' accounts on Twitter, he seems to have made an exception this time as he also began following Kanye West back on Twitter.

How EXO BaekHyun Felt When Discovering Kanye West Started Following Him On Twitter


While it's a little too early to tell what these recent activities on Twitter may end up resulting in, it's safe to say that there are many fans hoping for a possible collaboration of some sort.

BaekHyun himself seems enthusiastic about it as he expressed his desire to work with Kanye.

Keep your fingers crossed EXO-L's!


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