Produce 101 season two may have been over for a long time but the impact it has had on the Asian music market is still heavily present in K-Pop and even China.

So how did the survival program manage to produce five different boy groups when its goal was to make one?

By a chain of unpredictable events is how it all happened.

Wanna One's formation was the intended result, but like any fast-paced industry, the K-Pop scene is prone to unpredictable events branching out from one result.

Because viewers of Produce 101 season two felt that Kim DongHan, Kwon HyunBin, Kim SangGyun, Kenta Takada, Kim YongGuk, and Noh TaeHyun deserved to be finalists as well, the agencies adapted to the fans' demands and formed  the now disbanded JBJ, a group that was a direct result of Produce 101's much-debated grading system.

The same happened with Produce 101 season 2 trainees Kim SeongRi, Ju WonTak, Lee KiWon, Jang DaeHyun, Hong EunKi, Byun HyunMin, and Seo SungHyuk with the formation of Rainz.

Starship Entertainment and Brand New Music also felt that Lim YoungMin, Kim DongHyun, Jeong SeWoon, and Lee KwangHyun had good chemistry together and decided to make YDPP.

But things didn't stop there.

'Idol Producer', a survival program in China, which was heavily criticized for plagiarizing the entire second season of Produce 101 was born on January 19th, 2018. And naturally, the finalists of 'Idol Producer' later debuted as the idol group we know today as Nine Percent.

Of course, the formation of Nine Percent has been a subject of controversy ever since the beginning of Idol Producer because of plagiarism issues, meaning there's room for argument in whether they will be taken seriously. And whether Nine Percent lives up to Wanna One's or JBJ's achievements is yet to be determined as well.


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Jul 11, 2018 07:31 am

i love nine percent, wanna one, and jbj so can y'all stop creating fanwars AND START SUPPORTING

Jul 11, 2018 07:30 am

was this article rlly neccessary lmfao