Ever since news reports about the mysterious Madam Lin from Taiwan being connected to former BIGBANG member SeungRi's Burning Sun scandal, people have been wondering about her identity.

One thing for sure is that she has a lot of money, and we mean a lot.

Mirror Media, a Taiwanese news agency, recently released reports that Madam Lin first acquired her wealth by establishing an illegal online gambling site with several retired police officers. Reports say that she made a profit of $13 million on a daily basis, resulting in her amassing a profit of $12.3 billion in just five years.

The agency has also reported that Madam Lin's known name YiJu Lin, is most likely an alias. She is well known among the Taiwanese people for her taste in extravagant and limited luxury items.

How The Mysterious Madam Lin In SeungRi's Burning Sun Scandal Made 12 Billion In 5 Years


South Korean authorities are currently suspecting that Madam Lin has been laundering her money through club Burning Sun.

Stay tuned for updates!


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Dec 31, 2019 11:18 pm

disgusting things, they should put these things in jail.