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Who is my bias? Who is my bias wrecker? These are essential questions for K-Pop fans.

MONSTA X's MinHyuk is the host of the "Naver Now" radio audio show called "Vogue Ship Show" and on Oct. 22, he received an interesting question from a listener of his show.

The person explained that her/his friend was having a hard time deciding who is her/his bias and who is her/his bias wrecker. She/he isn't able to differentiate them and asked MinHyuk to help her/him out.

How To Differentiate Your Bias From Your Bias Wrecker According To MONSTA X's MinHyuk


At first, MinHyuk read some comments saying that your bias is the one you want to have as a son, and your bias wrecker as the one you want to marry. He did not seem to agree with it mentioning that it should be the opposite.

After some talks, he agreed that it is difficult and said that maybe the best method for him would be to check:

1- Which member did you watch the most videos of?

2- Which member's picture did you collect the most? You can count the number of pictures you have saved on your phone and compare it.

MinHyuk said that this method could be the most rational.

MONSTA X is coming back on Nov. 2 with their 3rd album "Fatal Love" and title track 'Love Killa'.

Do you agree with MinHyuk's method? What was your method?


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Oct 23, 2020 06:43 pm

The fact tht he is my bias wrecker 🔥
its true tho if u take my gallery most of the pics are Hyungwon’s and then secondly is Minhyuk’s. Not tht I don’t like the other members but it’s something like priorities. He is right I most of the time watch Hyungwon’s vids, then Minhyuk’s and then the others. I love all seven of them equally But u knw the bias and the bias wrecker is just a lil bit different🥰