How would like a person with all the faces of GOT7 members? On online community, time to time netizens like to post edited pictures of idols. Many fans were curious about it.

This time it is the turn of GOT7! The result looks amazing! Have a look for yourself.

How Would A Person With All The Faces Of GOT7 Members Look like?

Online Community

Netizens commented, "My singers are too handsome. I see mostly Mark, JinYoung, and YuGyeom", "I mostly see Mark, JinYoung, and YuGyeom. Too sexy", "OMG too handsome", "I mostly see Mark, JinYoung, and YuGyeom", "Crazy", "The average face of GOT7 is crazy", "Why only me I cannot see YuGyeom, I personally mostly see JinYoung", etc.

Do you like the pictures? Which member do you see the most out of the picture?


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Jan 2, 2019 12:17 am

okay but i see jungwoo from nct. Got7 made Jungwoo. I-