YG Entertainment

Yang HyunSuk is quite notorious among YG Entertainment K-Pop artists and netizens alike for his brutally cold and savage personality that seems to be a stereotypical trait of a successful businessman.

But idol group iKON recently revealed that even YG has a soft side and can be changed.

They stated that they had their very first meal together with YG ever since they debuted back in 2015. It seemed that the immense success that their song 'LOVE SCENARIO' brought to the agency moved the CEO, causing him to take them all out on a tasty and most likely expensive dinner.

iKON member B.I stated "We even have a group chat room with him. He's always been the serious and scary boss that we were afraid of but he's actually been cracking a few jokes to us now and then."

The idol group's next comeback release 'Killing Me' is scheduled to be released on August 2nd.


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