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On September 10th, Hoya released a teaser of his upcoming new song 'BABY U' through his official SNS accounts and on Youtube.

It was seen that in the teaser clip, Hoya was having a romantic date with Kriesha Chu! They were holding hands and hugging each other!

Hoya Goes On A Date With Kriesha Chu In New Music Video Teaser 'BABY U'

Glorious Entertainment

If you have not seen the clip, be sure to check it out below.

According to Urban Works, Kriesha Chu mentioned that Hoya is a friendly senior and took care of her really well as if she was really a 'baby'. She also revealed that the title track is really good and believe that the music video will turn out better than expected.

Fans who have seen both idols' interactions could not help but feel the fluffy feeling inside their hearts.

Hoya's new music video 'BABY U' will be released on September 12th! He is also one of the coaches for KBS "Dancing High" with participants such as NCT's JiSung.

Are you excited for the comeback?


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Sep 10, 2018 05:47 pm