DSP Media just revealed the first hidden member for the debut of their new co-ed artist group, K.A.R.D.

Through their official SNS channels, DSP Media announced the hidden member who will join BM, J.seph, Jeon SoMin and Jeon JiWoo for K.A.R.D’s debut album. The mysterious silhouette was none other than the former KARA member, Hur YoungJi.

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DSP gave an in depth explanation of the project group’s future plans. “The artist group K.A.R.D will release a series of 3 mini-album with a new hidden member featuring for each album. The D stands for the hidden member, who will join the group in a surprising and unpredictable music performance,” the agency stated.

Hur YoungJi will launch off the hidden theme for the group as she accompanies the four members for their first album, “OHNANA”. The project unit will mark the idol’s first activities as a singer since KARA’s last promotions for “Cupid”.

K.A.R.D’s first album, featuring YoungJi, will drop on December 13th at midnight.

Hur YoungJi is the First Hidden Member for K.A.R.D's Debut Album

DSP Media

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Jul 30, 2017 03:27 pm

Wait is she joining the group and being an official member or just for one preformance