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No one actually knows how idols from different groups interact and get closer with one another but when they do, fans are usually surprised by the unexpected friendship.

It looks like Hwang MinHyun had caused fans to go 'huh?' when they saw him upload a picture of him together with actor Park SeoJoon. You might recognise the actor from the drama "What's Wrong With Secretary Kim?".


It appeared that Park SeoJun had made his way to Wanna One's final concert "Therefore" and Hwang MinHyun did a shout out to him on his Instagram post. He thanked the actor for coming down to watch the concert.

Fans were wondering how the two celebrities even got to know each other and were once again amazed by the connections among celebrities.

Nonetheless, it looked like both of them had a great time together.

Wanna One's final concert "Therefore" will come to a conclusion on Jan. 27.


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Jan 27, 2019 12:09 am

i cant believe its tomorow they were so cute.