Ryu HwaYoung, former member of T-ara, commented how annoyed she is on what her past stylist said on air.

HwaYoung Argues Back to Her Former Stylist of T-ara


Ryu HwaYoung was a former member of T-ara, but left the group because of being bullied by other members. After she was left, she has been working as an actress and is now on television dramas. After she moved on, T-ara was still in the middle of a controversy their personalities immoral to be an idol.

One of the stylist of T-ara was on air, talking about HwaYoung’s Bully issue. She was taking the side of T-ara and said that HwaYoung was such a rude girl, addressing her stylists and hairdressers as “Shampoo” and was mean to them. After it was aired, HwaYoung posted on her Instagram “I know you are friends with HyoMin, but you cannot just make up stories like that. Just woke up and being dumbfounded by the news…”

 The bullying issue of T-ara seemed to be still going on, and this was not just a problem happened to them, but other groups as well

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