Boys24 finally made a decision regarding HwaYoung and his recent controversy.

CJ E&M officially stated on 14th “We’d like to once again sincerely apologize for hurting many fans with Lee HwaYoung’s personal life problems and belittlement of fans.” and continued “After a long discussion over what we will do with Lee HwaYoung, we decided to expel him from Boys24 and nullify our contract with him.”

They explained the decision, saying “As we stated on 8th, fans and others may misunderstand other members to think the same as HwaYoung regarding fans, when they work hard to do their best in every performance to repay the love they received from fans. And so, we decided to expel and also nullify our contract with him as an artist.”

The company closed the announcement with “We’d like to apologize to fans once again and Boys24 will work hard to present better stages from now on. Please continue to cheer for them.”

HwaYoung Expelled From Boys24 After Trash Talking Fans


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