Girl’s Day Hyeri and boy group MAP6 participated in an end-of-year donations.

On 28th, DreamT Entertainment stated “On 20th, Hyeri donated 50,000,000 won (~50,000 US dollars) for “Daegu Seomun Market” merchants harmed by the fire incident. MAP6 also, on 23rd, donated the profits from the charity flea market they held, for the welfare of senior citizens.”

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Hyeri said, “I was heartbroken to hear about the fire. I donated hoping that the money would help the vendors at least a little in this cold winter.”

MAP6, known as the younger brother group of Girl’s Day, held a charity flea market on 9th for elders living alone. They donated all profits to “Seoul Welfare Center for the Elderly”.

Member Minhyuk said, “I was raised by my grandmother when I was little, so I always had interest in the welfare for the elderly. It’s not a lot, but I hope our feelings reach them well.”

Hyeri and MAP6 Makes End-of-Year Donations


Hyeri and MAP6 Makes End-of-Year Donations

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